BL-2 Weapon Loader


PDI/BL International Awarded Contract  to Design and Manufacture Weapons Loader for  Lockheed Martin’s Joint Strike Fighter F-35 Lightning II

The BL-2 Weapons Loader is a self-propelled, hydraulically operated vehicle designed to transport, lift and position various kinds of munitions, special weapons and pylons for loading onto the Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) military aircraft.
The BL-2 has a low profile to allow access to aircraft with low ground clearance. The BL-2 is highly maneuverable due to the combined front and rear steering system. The wide wheelbase provides high stability.
The munitions and cargo are handled by a worktable attached to the end of the lifting arms capable continuous yaw with pitch and roll axes. The BL-2 is used to transfer the stores or munitions directly from storage to the aircraft with a single operator who can control the lift arms, worktable motion, and vehicle movement from the driver‟s instrument panel.
When the view is blocked from the driver‟s position, the BL-2 boom and table can be operated remotely with a hand-held control device connected to the vehicle by a cable.
Safety features of the BL-2 include: ATEX explosion proof design, a seat switch that prevents vehicle motion when the driver is out of the vehicle, an emergency manual hydraulic system to operate the worktable lift, and fail-safe brakes should a hydraulic malfunction occur.

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