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The BL-1 weapon loader is a diesel-powered vehicle designed to transport and load stores and ammunition on aircrafts.

The BL-1 is low profile and highly maneuverable due to the combined front and rear steering system and wide wheelbase which provides high stability. Safety features of the BL-1 include a seat switch that prevents vehicle operation when the driver is not seated and an emergency manual hydraulic system to operate the worktable lift and failsafe brakes should a hydraulic malfunction occur.

The BL-1 vehicle is comprised of the following systems: lifting system, steering system, diesel engine, brake system, drive system, lighting, and accessories.

Since 2016, The BL-1 bomb loader is officially F-35 certified, and in IAF use as such.

BL-1 Bomb Loader Spec Table

BL-1 Bomb Loader Spec Table

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