ATT-II Towbarless Tug


The towbarless tug facilitates maneuverability in hangars and other close quarters

The Aircraft Towbarless Tug (ATT-II) is a diesel engine driven vehicle designed to lift and tow aircrafts and helicopters weighing up to 40,000 kg.

The  ATT-II is low height due to low front wheel diameter allowing entrance to hangars, underground pens and under aircraft low areas and is  highly  maneuverable  even  to  extreme close quarters.

The  ATT-II  is a safe-to-use vehicle which incorporates the concept of towing an aircraft/helicopter without a towing bar, automatic parking brake operation when hydraulic power is lost, lifting pins locking while the aircraft wheel is lifted and is equipped with an emergency shutdown switch.

Since 2016, The ATT-2 towbarless tug is officially F-35 certified, and in IAF use as such.

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