HPU - Clear Background

The HPU is a towable electrical hydraulic power unit developed by BL for the Israeli air force. The HPU was designed to supply hydraulic fluid at variable pressures and flows in order to test the aircraft’s hydraulic systems.

Operation of the HPU is conducted by a single person from either a touchscreen when standing near the system or a remote control when standing near the aircraft.

The HPU is controlled by a PLC and includes the following features:
- 380/460V, 3 phase electrical motor
- A single supply line of 0…10 gpm at 0…3000psi
- Aircraft reservoir fill and drain
- Indication of system pressures, flow, hydraulic fluid level and more
- On the fly curves of pressure and flow vs. time

The HPU incorporates safety features designed to prevent damage to the tested aircraft and the HPU system including:
- Emergency stop button on the control panel and remote control
- Automatic setting of main relief pressure as a function of the operation pressure
- Automatic alerts and shutdowns in case of a malfunction
- Electrical motor phase protection


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